Coaching Feedback Video Entry


Get coaching feedback and support from me without travelling or paying a fortune! For just £12 you can send me up to 8 minutes of video footage from either working at home, training or a few rounds at a show and I will send you feedback on whatever you need help with along with suggestions of an exercise or tips to help you improve. If you want a follow up session you can be reassessed for just £6 if it is within 1 week of my feedback email. 

Follow the link here to get your Coaching Entry Form Please press submit when completed.

Simply upload your video to Youtube and email the link to me at  so I can find it.  Make sure you tell me your name and horse's name so I can link who you are with your entry. If you would like the video to remain between us and not public, please set privacy to Unlisted, NOT Private - otherwise I will not be able to view it! 
I will aim to send your feedback within 2-3 days to the email you used unless you have requested otherwise so please check junk mail. 

The feedback given will be based around what you specify on the entry form. There will always be positive feedback first followed by 1 or a maximum of 2 areas for improvement. In order to make an improvement we must focus on fewer things and only then move to another point.

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