Buy 2 Online Workshops & Get 3rd FREE


Pay for 2 online workshops and get the 3rd FREE!
Interactive Zoom presentation workshops where we will discuss and learn about:

*Plan - Do - Reflect - Repeat*  Planning effective riding sessions, be accountable for your actions, reflect accurately and plan further.  25th Nov 2021 @7-8.30pm approx & 2nd Dec 2021 @7-8pm

*The Performance Bubble* Perform at your best. Learn what happens inside your brain when feeling under pressure and create ways to regain control. 6th Dec 2021@7-8.30pm approx & 13th Dec 2021 @7-8pm

*Get SMART* Set goals, learning the best way to do that and make a clear path to goals you want to set. Understand the link between goal setting and motivation to keep you focused on future plans.  15th Dec 2021 @7-8.30pm approx & 22nd Dec 2021 @7-8pm